Let’s Do Some Lyrics Appreciation~

Compiling all the lyrics I tweeted when I was being random
(when is wangseja not #randomseja)
I’ll add a video link too so that you’re able to listen to the song while reading!

WINNER – Different

시간이 흘러도 사이 좁혀지지 않아
니가 아무리 날 이해할 수 있대도 말야
애써 눈물 숨가고 웃는것도
알아도 어떻게 할 수 없는 내 맘 알아?

Even as time passes, the distance between us doesn’t close up
No matter how much you say you understand me
Do you know how I feel, not being able to do anything
even though I know you’re holding back your tears while smiling.

I was cursing at the man in this story when I first listened to this song lol This song is really fic-able. Someone should write a fic based on the lyrics of this song. The readers would totally be cursing hahaha

 Roy Kim – Home

“어디 아픈데 없니?
많이 힘들었지?
나 걱정 안해도 돼 너만 괜찮으면 돼
가슴이 시릴때
아무도 없을때
늘 여기로 오면 돼”

Are you hurt anywhere?
It was tough, wasn’t it?
You don’t have to worry about me as long as you’re fine.
When your heart is aching,
When you have no one left,
You can always come here

Isn’t it heartwarming? Do you know Roy wrote this song thinking of his pet dog Sancho? XD

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

“Aren’t you somethin’ to admire
cause your shine is somethin’ like a mirror
And I can’t help but notice
you reflect in this heart of mine”

The reference to ‘mirrors’ like ‘two reflections into one’, ‘staring back at me’, ‘Just put your hand on the glass. I’ll be tryin’ to pull you through’, ‘parallel on the other side’. Goddd How to not love this song? ><

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

“I have died everyday waiting for you.
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years.
I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

“I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more.” /CAN NOT CONTAIN FEELS/

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

“I hope he buys you flowers
I hope he holds your hand
Give you all his hours when he has the chance
Bring you to every party
cause I remember how much you loved to dance
Do all the things I should’ve done when I was your man”

Yoon Gun – 힐링이 필요해(October Rain)

“힐링이 필요해
난 너가 필요해”

I need some healing
I need you

Two short sentences and poof I’m gone #byeworld

WINNER’s Song Mino – 걔 세(I’m Him)

B4vLInfCEAATNto image_1

If you were reading my tweets yesterday, you would’ve known. I went insane over this. Still overwhelmed by the way. I can’t and don’t want to get over this. He’s a genius istg.

EPIK HIGH – Spoiler

“i’d rather we be dead to each other
no eulogies said for each other
no “rest in peace”s
the memories got my chest in pieces”

“forget a promenade, let’s juggernaut,
down memory lane, leave no thought alive
to the slaughter house, i’m taking my pain
time to sever my brain from my heart and soul
my knees are burning hot, but God is cold”

One word: Perfection.

EXO-K – 나비소녀(Don’t Go)

“조그마한 손짓 나의 가슴엔 회어리가 친다”

The slightest movement of your hands hits my heart like a tornado

The very last sentence. The one that lingers in your mind. Ughhh.

EXO-K – 인어의 눈물(Baby Don’t Cry)

“어두컴컴한 고통의 그늘 위
이별의 문턱에
내가 무참히 넘어져도
그마저도 널 위해서라면 감당할 테니
Uh 대신 나를 줄게 비록 날 모르는 너에게
Don’t cry 뜨거운 눈물보단 차디찬 웃음을 보여줘 baby

Above the dark shade of pain
At the doorsteps of farewell
Even if I fall brutally
Even so, I can manage it for your sake
Uh Instead, I’ll give myself to you, although you don’t know me
Don’t cry show me a cold laugh, rather than hot tears baby

Yes, Chanyeol’s rap is the best part in EXO’s songs XD


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