Goodbye for now~ \(^u^)

Didn’t think it was polite to just leave with a short thank you and goodbye so I came over to type a longer one instead lol.

I’ve mentioned about going on a hiatus from my wangseja account after I finish subbing the 902014 series. And it ended just two days ago, our subs were out the next day and I believe the problems are pretty much solved so I guess it’s time I go then.

Firstly, a BIG thank you to every single one of you out there who supported and was extremely nice to me. There were times I was rude and easily irritated, and times where I just totally ignored everyone but you guys didn’t stop treating me so well. I feel really touched reading all the messages you guys sent me through Twitter and on askfm. And yes, I read every one of them ^^

Secondly, to answer some questions I’ve received many times but didn’t reply to, I will continue to support EXO. Just maybe not as active as before but I’ll still be following up on their activities from time to time. Also, regarding the period of my hiatus, I can’t give an exact duration or date as to when I’ll be back because I haven’t clear my mind yet. I don’t know what to do with anything anymore lol.

Thirdly, I want to throw lots and lots of love, lots and lots of hearts, lots and lots of love bullets and lots and lots of thanks to the wonderful girls who were always there every week – Anna (kyeongsew), Caralene (103oclock), Afi (Double Est) and Marjo (happyeols). We’ve been through a lot, haven’t we? Haha. I just want to say that I’m really really really lucky to have met you guys. I would’ve been wangseja the unknown loner if not for you guys hahaha Thank you guys for always supporting and helping me <3 Let’s not end our weird conversations on kkt! Hehe.

Lastly, on contrary to what I’ve always said “I’m not gonna re-upload anymore blahblahblah“, I tried again, to updated the links to the 902014 episodes. But I’m still facing the same problems as before. I can’t upload the videos on Dailymotion. Sorry about that, I really wanted to fix everything before I go but my pc won’t allow me. She’s starting to rebel lol.

I hope I’ll be back soon to flood your timelines with my randomness haha but for now, thank you guys so much and goodbye everyone! Hope to see you guys again! \(^o^)/ Fighting~

tumblr_inline_ndnk570ucs1sh8igwluhan_waving tumblr_mq9yrfJZSM1rto225o1_r3_500


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