SMTOWN STAFF DIARY: 난 너란 달콤함에 중독~!

[ Idol Futsal World Cup ]

Have you watched the Idol Futsal World Cup last Thursday Night
Where Xiumin and Luhan showed off their cool moves?

When you say soccer!! the first thing that comes to mind
would be the soccer lovers of EXO!!

Xiumin and real man Luhan!!

For the fans who were there since early morning
Did everyone who were there received the special support

In order to deliver the coolness as it is

This is the way the men, who prepared the overdose brand dutch coffee and grapefruit juice,
show their love for their fans~ ♡.♡
This must be why we become addicted to the eldest hyungs~!!

Fatal fantasy drunken in ecstasy~!! ♬



You’ll be able to see EXO’s Overdose stage
It’s the broadcast day of 2014 DREAM CONCERT tomorrow,
In 2012 EXO-K appeared, and continuing from 2013 EXO’s appearance,
This is the third time they will participate in Dream Concert as EXO.

EXO members properly meeting the spectators for the first time
Before going on stage, EXO looked at their fans again and again,
Because their appearance was so cute, I took a few pictures~!!

This is when the fans and EXO met each other. ^^


Including maknae Sehun who looked at the fans through the lens


He took a picture of his pal, Tao, too~


Photo of cool model tao by the model-like Photographer Oh,
we look forward to your activities in the future. ^—-^

EXO in the waiting room of Dream Concert

p18qcth5g9rfcc0ajiq1r9759l1 p18qcthbgotje14m71tbu1qgr1bkb2 p18qctj6ks1k75e2m183rlvvufj1 p18qctjdo41dip18vtt1pihmrm92

Leaving a candid shot of Tao whose life is like a photoshoot. ^^


We hope you continue to love EXO, who came back with a more handsome appearance
2014 DREAM CONCERT will be aired tomorrow at 2:15 PM on SBS
Please look forward to EXO’s stage  : )


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