[ENGSUB] EXO The Lost Planet Press Conference

Part 1:

Part 2:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Please DO NOT re-upload or take out translations.

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NEW LOOK!!! YAY~ \(^o^)/

New look! ~(^o^~) New look! (~^o^)~ New look! ~(^o^)~ Yay~!

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Finally done with all the video captures and putting them up on the header of each post! (The site was locked for quite a few days but I don’t think anyone realized bUT THAT’S OKAY)

Screenshot (59)

I hope everyone can check this site often and avoid requesting for a certain video to be re-uploaded because what is in the past is in the past (okay that’s not how you use it but bleh).

I would usually add alternative video links where you can watch them (in just a click away!) and also download links (for shows like Roommate, xoxo EXO and etc)

Also, I would like to apologize for delaying xoxo EXO for so long.. I’m still at the first 8-10 minutes (and that’s captions-only lol) but I’ve split the video into three parts so that each part is only around 15 minutes long (because then I’ll be able to finish it faster because I get more motivated seeing shorter video lengths ^_^;)

So… Many were asking when I’ll actually finish subbing it and finally upload it so that they can read the funny comments and captions but I kept procrastinating to sub xoxo EXO, especially since it’s already subbed (with captions even), mainly because a) I have many other videos on my waiting-for-you-to-sub-me-bitch list and b) the show itself is very (adds a whole ton of emphasis on very) boring (and also because I usually only have 4-5 hours to sub everyday so the most I can finish two videos a day (provided they are both less than 10 minutes lol) (_ _;)

If I have to summarize the whole of episode 1, it’ll be concert-screaming fangirls-red carpet-screaming fangirls-and more screaming fangirls. So, yeah.. >.>

Also, I hope you guys don’t mind the T/N on the videos I subbed XD I couldn’t help but express my overwhelming love for these cute little boys *u*


And last but not least, thank you guys so much for the follows (on Twitter), the comments (on Youtube) and the asks (on ask.fm)! Erica-nim and Gladz-nim whom I matchmake-ed (can’t nobody stop #matchmakerwangseja) and also my little “QUEEN SUBBER” friend LMAO Thanks for making my day a little brighter than the others had already made. \(^_^


I’ll stop here for now. Please continue to leave comments and asks for me! ^^

From your overly hyper subber,
wangSEja o<(~.^)